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A&F brings together the alumni of the actuarial education at KU Leuven. We have the ambition to offer a platform for formal and informal contacts between actuaries from both the professional and academical field, with the common roots our alma mater KU Leuven. Our ambition is realized by focussing on three points: connect, inform and promote.

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We offer a network that facilitates our alumni and friends in their informal and formal contacts where necessary. This is realized in-person and virtual via our annual meeting and our LinkedIn group.


We build a bridge between the academical world and the professional field. Therefore, we inform our alumni and friends about the actuarial research developments via our newsletters and publications.


We promote the actuarial profession among the general public. In particular, we help to organize the event around the honoration of Distinguished KU Leuven Actuaries, a title offered by the Insurance research group to outstanding KU Leuven actuaries.


Alumni & Friends Advantages

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The A&F newsletter typically informs about developments in actuarial research, in particular it highlights recent news of the KU Leuven Insurance research group.

Our alumni and friends can opt to receive the digital newsletter by simply registering their email address.

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LinkedIn Group

As an A&F member, you have exclusive access to the discussion forum on LinkedIn.

The online group facilitates the interaction between our alumni and friends by providing the possibility to share interesting content and start discussions.

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Annual Meeting

Our aim is not to be just another forum with additional commitments in your busy schedule. Therefore, we limit the plenary activities of A&F to one annual meeting.

In general the meeting is organised around an educational or practical topic and ends with a networking event.


Overview of our Events and Milestones


Annual Meeting 2023

We, together with KU Leuven Research Centre Insurance, have the pleasure to invite our members for the next Annual A&F Meeting, an evening of learning, networking and celebrating friendschip.

  • Speaker: Heidi Delobelle, CEO of AG Insurance
  • When: Tuesday 10 October 2023 as from 17.30h
    Conference starts at 18.00h and is followed by a networking drink and bite
  • Where: Irish College Leuven, Janseniusstraat 1, 3000 Leuven

Members can participate for free but registration is required!

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  • 75 jaar Actuariaat aan KU Leuven

    The academic year 1941/42 marks the start of the actuarial education at KU Leuven. 75 year later, this book looks back at the actuarial history and further reflects on the future evolution of the education and profession.

    Digital version: NL

  • Actuarissen ad rem

    In ‘Actuarissen ad rem’ we give the word to the Mentors (Peters and Meters) of Alumni & Friends. In an interview, they give their vision on our profession and look back at their experiences.

    Digital version: NL

‘Distinguished KU Leuven Actuary’ is a title given by the Insurance research group of KU Leuven and A&F to KU Leuven actuaries within the professional and academic field who have shown an important contribution to our profession:

  • Baron Valère Croes ✝
  • Jacques Platteeuw ✝
  • Walter Van Pottelberghe ✝
  • Willy Duron
  • Christian Defrancq
  • Jozef Demey
  • Marc Goovaerts ✝
  • Bart De Smet
  • Johan Thijs
  • Heidi Delobelle

Our Board Members

The administration and overall organisation of A&F is done by volunteers. If you want to get involved, don't hesitate to reach out, we are always looking for new ideas.

Katrien Antonio

Katrien Antonio

Board member since 2021

Siska De Pril

Siska De Pril

Board member since 2021

Cedric Goovaerts

Cedric Goovaerts

Board member since 2019

Katrien Goovaerts

Katrien Goovaerts

Board member since 2021

Our Founding Fathers

As from 27 September 2012, A&F was founded by the two inspirers of our organisisation.

Dominique Beckers

Dominique Beckers


Board member 2012 - 2020

Jan Dhaene

Jan Dhaene


Board member 2012 - 2020

Our Mentors

The organisation of A&F is only possible with the collaboration and support provided by our Mentors (formerly known as Peters and Meters).

TODO Testimonial
Jean-Marie Bollen
Cruciaal voor de praktijk-actuaris is de capaciteit om abstracte begrippen uit te kunnen leggen in Jip & Janneke-taal, begrijpbaar voor iedereen dus.
Peter Brewee
Overal in de wereld krijg je een zeer positieve respons als men hoort dat je actuaris bent.
Jean Deboutte
Momenteel worden actuarissen veel te weinig betrokken bij de discussie over de eerste pensioenpijler, en blijft hun inbreng nog te veel beperkt tot de tweede en derde pijler
Heidi Delobelle
De actuaris kan helpen om onderbouwde en zinvolle alternatieven uit te dokteren voor onze stilaan onhoudbaar duur-wordende sociale zekerheid
Bart De Smet
Wie anders dan de verzekeringssector heeft de knowhow en de ervaring in huis om waarborgen en garanties in te schatten én aan te bieden over zeer lange periodes?
Birgit Hannes
Wat me altijd is bijgebleven is dat de professor levens- verzekeringen het onderwerp ‘sterven’ emotieloos bleek te kunnen benaderen. Ik had het daar toen wel wat moeilijk mee.
Tom Meeus
De grootste uitdaging waar de mensheid voor staat is de explosieve groei van de wereld- bevolking
Johan Thijs
Ik zie nog te vaak hoe actuarissen zich verliezen in hun modellen. Dat is trouwens een probleem dat zij delen met vele economen
Karel Van Hulle

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